Where Should You Place Security Cameras in Your Home?

Security cameras have been becoming more available to average consumers over the past years – but where exactly should they be placed to get the most out of them? The location and environment play a huge role in providing solid security.


Around 30% to 35% of home invaders enter through the front door and 20% use the back door – so it is a no brainer that these locations would be the most important security placement outside of your home. You should place it on the second floor, or at an elevated enough height to avoid potential burglars knocking the camera out of operation. It would also be beneficial to guard the camera with a cage or anything alike to avoid having objects thrown at it to knock it down.


Similar to doors, many burglars choose windows to slip into their victim’s homes quickly. Windows that are facing away from the street view are especially attractive to burglars and should be armed with a camera.

Things to Remember

  • Being that 81% of burglars enter the victim’s home through the first floor it is an absolute necessity to arm the first floor.
  • The amount of room and focus you give your cameras should be considered. Wide angle cameras should be placed in an area where it can see 75 to 180 degrees without obstruction.
  • If your camera is outside, make sure that it is both waterproof and equipped with night vision.
  • A camera that is about 9 feet off the ground is high enough to stay out of a 6-foot-tall person’s reach while still staying visible.
  • The highest point is not always the best point. You will certainly obtain a larger view, but the detail of the video will not be as high as you would like it – potentially allowing suspects on your footage to remain unidentified.

Bonus: While it is not the best option – placing a cheap fake security camera in some areas could potentially deter burglars from your home. According to a report by the University of North Carolina – about 60% of convicted burglars stated the presence of a security system alarm influenced their decision to target another home.