What to Do If You Smell Gas in Your Home

Many different utilities throughout your home may potentially be fueled by gas. Whether it would be a boiler, a central heating system, or the kitchen oven – all of these have potential to leak gas. Here’s what you should do if you smell something out of the ordinary.

1. Trust your nose

You can think of your nose as your own personal gas alarm. You should not doubt yourself if you believe you smell something similar to gas. In addition to the smell of gas, you may also experience physical side effects of a gas leak such as dizziness, nausea, headaches, irregular breathing and even fatigue.

2. Do not operate electrical switches or lighters

The last thing you would want to do in a home filled with gas is flip an electrical switch that could create a spark. You should especially avoid lighting anything such as candles, stoves, or even cigarettes indoors. This could potentially result in something very deadly.

3. Ventilate your home

You should try to open your windows and doors to get fresh air into the building, as well as get excess gas out. By properly ventilating your home – the gas will be able to dissipate as quickly as possible.

4. Call a professional

It may be the case that the gas leak is coming from something more complicated than a stove top left turned on. You should call your utility providers, or even 9-1-1 if the situation is extreme.

5. Wait for safety confirmation

Before returning to your home it is recommended that you wait for an absolute clear from a professional. You wouldn’t want to be exposed to a gas leak your nose could potentially be blind to – so waiting is always the best option.