Top 5 Home Security Tips

A home invasion takes place in the United States once every 15 seconds, according to FBI statistics. Homeowners though out the United States should all closely analyze their home from many different angles and be aware of the best ways they can ensure their home’s safety. <br><br> &nbsp; <h3>Install a Home Security System</h3> Of course, this would be the first on our list. A home security system is crucial for any homeowner looking to maximize their home’s safety. According to a <a href=””>report</a> by the University of North Carolina, convicted burglars stated the pretense of a security system influenced their decision to target another home. <br><br> &nbsp; <h3>Conceal Home Security Wires</h3> The most effective alarm systems have their wires concealed to not only avoid accidental damage and unauthorized tampering, but even animals biting and destroying the wiring. <br><br> &nbsp; <h3>Do Not Let Too Many People Know You’re Away from Home</h3> It may be tempting to post where you’re going for vacation on Facebook or brag about it at the office – but consider holding back until after you’re back home. In many cases, the news that you’re not going to be home for a week and your house is unattended can potentially reach strangers that would use this information as motivation to burglarize your home. Additionally – don’t leave notes attached to your door! These act as invitations for a burglar. <br><br> &nbsp; <h3>Leave a Spare Key with a Trustworthy Neighbor or Family Member</h3> It is a bad idea to leave a spare key hidden somewhere on the property. Rather than risk someone potentially finding the key – leave it with a trusted neighbor or family member. <br><br> &nbsp; <h3>Set Your Lights on a Timer</h3> Equipping your lights on a timer allows your home to appear as if someone is home at all times. This is an excellent technique to not only have it appear as if your home is unoccupied, but also save energy as the timers will turn your lights off during hours you deem unnecessary. It is difficult to protect your home from professional thieves – but most home burglaries are done by armatures. These amateurs are more easily countered if you employ these simple security precautions. &nbsp; &nbsp;