The Importance of Setting a Lock on Your Smartphone

It is almost impossible to avoid having a smartphone in today’s technological world. We all have one and most of us keep our entire lives on our phones. It is estimated that American consumers will be paying approximately $30 billion this year to replace their lost or stolen phone. 2.1 million Americans have reported their phone as lost or stolen last year.

Your Private Information

We keep our entire lives on our smartphones. Our banking information, our conversations, our precious photos and sometimes our passwords in our notes! All of this information is up for the taking for any nosy individual that happens to take possession of your smartphone. If your email is logged into your phone’s email application – anyone can reset your passwords very easily for other platforms you’re registered to.

Avoid Pocket Dialing

Mistakenly dialing someone and having a conversation about them in their ear is everyone’s nightmare. Preloaded numbers and recent callers can easily be tapped unknowingly whether the phone is in your hand, your pocket, or your bag. It is more unlikely these embarrassing calls would happen with a device that has a lock code.

Deter Potential Thieves – Render it Useless

Most smartphones running on either iOS or Android are equipped with security features that not only track phones that have been lost or stolen, but also remotely lock and wipe them if the user chooses to do so. In the event a phone is wiped with this security feature enabled – the phone will be rendered unusable until the owner enters their credentials into the prompt. This has deterred many would-be smartphone thieves from stealing smartphones as the phone cannot be used once the phone has been reset.