How Safe Are DIY Home Security Systems?

With home security equipment dropping in price over the past decade significantly – it has become more popular amongst homeowners to purchase security systems and other home accessories from electronic stores for a ‘DIY installation’. We should take a step back and look at this objectively – how safe is a DIY installation compared to a professional home security installation?

The Pros

  • A DIY installation is completely free
Many companies charge installation fees to cover the technician’s labor when installing your home security system. Doing it yourself cuts out the middleman – thus leaving you with no installation fee.
  • There are no visitors required
Having to have a technician come out to your home will be unnecessary. Feel free to stay in your pajamas and leave the bed unmade!
  • The portability
If you are looking to rent or move a DIY system can easily be uninstalled and packed away without the need of a technician coming to dismantle what they installed for you.


The Cons

  • It can be left unmonitored
A professional home security system is connected to a monitoring center that can call not only you in the event of a break in, but also the police. DIY systems do not have a monitoring team readily available 24/7.
  • Potential incorrect installation
Unless you are a security professional, the risk of incorrect installation of your home security system could potentially be higher when you do it yourself.
  • Limited warranty/repairs
Traditional home security companies are able to provide their systems with professional repairs and guaranteed warrantees. DIY systems usually come with a warranty up to one year and in most cases do not last longer than this. Choosing between installing a home security system yourself or with a professional company has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks in regard to home security systems. There are both pros and cons of doing a DIY home installation for security systems and they should be objectively analyzed before deciding whether to go DIY or go professional.