Gun Safety for Your Home

Many Americans keep guns in their home with the majority of Americans following strict safety procedures. However, accidental gun deaths do occur within households armed with guns. Here are some safety tips all gun owners should be following to ensure their household’s absolute safety:

1. Store Guns Safely and Responsibly

This is the number one safety tip that is promoted by any professional when it comes to gun safety. When a gun is out of the reach of children or locked away from unauthorized persons other than the owner accidents and tragedies are avoided. Additionally – keep your gun unloaded with the ammunition stored in a separate location. Do not inform unauthorized persons of where the ammunition is stored.

2. Sync Your Home Security System with Your Gun Storage

Home security systems offer the ability to provide motion and other type of sensors that alert homeowners in real time of any unauthorized activity. A motion sensor placed inside a gun cabinet will be able to alert you to your smartphone or other devices if anyone has gained access to your guns.

3. Install a Gun Lock*

Gun locks can be installed onto a gun to enclose the trigger, rendering the gun unusable by any unauthorized persons. This will definitely lower the risk of any accidental firings, especially by children. *The United States Department of Veteran Affairs offers free locks to veterans in an effort to cut down on suicides.