Electrical Safety Tips for Older Homes

The average age of a home in the United States is over 50 years old. Beautiful older homes do come with added responsibilities in order to keep them safe from common electrical problems. Here are the top tips we’ve compiled in order to keep your older home safe:

1. Old Panels

Electrical panels reliability within a home degrade overtime. Annual or bi-annual checkups should be performed on these panels in order to ensure their safety and efficiency. Once these panels reach 20 years old, it is recommended that they be replaced with new electrical panels. It is advised to not let your panels reach past 30 years old.

2. Old Outlets

Electrical switches and outlets should be replaced every 10 years for the safest home electrical environment. In addition, all electrical devices should be replaced every 20 years.

3. Poor Work

If you have an older home that was previously owned by a stranger – it is definitely possible that they had engaged in a DIY electrical project within the house. It is a good idea to have the house inspected for any of these projects, as the possibility of them being done by an unqualified individual could be high.

4. Old Wires

A home’s electrical system should be updated every so often. As time progresses, you should be mindful of your wiring and have it updated to avoid electrical disasters started by poorly performing electrical systems.

As you continue to update the electrical system in your home – have some fun with it! Take this opportunity to add things such as integrated home security systems, smart-home enabled systems, intercoms and speakers, or even integrated Wi-Fi for every single room in the home.

Once your older home has been equipped with the latest electrical system – not only will the safety of your home be increased, but the value as well.