Disappearing Packages – A Thing of the Past

The Internet has made it so easy for us to order anything of our liking with a single click – and we’ve all been in that position waiting for the package to arrive on our doorstep. It is the worst feeling in the world when your new expensive package is missing from the front porch despite having the “delivered” confirmation on its tracking. With the rise of home security as it becomes more mainstream in many households – this is a problem no more. Security cameras and motion sensors are able to not only notify homeowners of package thieves in real time but also document it in physical footage that can be used to identify these thieves.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are able to store hours of footage as they monitor homes. They’re able to be set up to monitor and record homes during work hours, weekend trips, and even when you’re sleeping. Many package thieves have been having their photos posted on both social media and media reports as a result of camera-equipped porches. Moreover, security cameras that are equipped with night vision are able to detect package thieves no matter what time it is. Google ‘package thieves caught on camera’ and just look how many there are! You’ll be glad your camera is able to protect you and increase the chances of you catching that package thief.


Home security systems come with a variety of different sensors. Whether it would be fire and carbon monoxide sensors, motion sensors, or even glass-breaking sensors – these sensors are able to notify you in real time if there is anything out of the ordinary happening on your property. Package thieves can be apprehended quickly if you’re alerted of motion on your porch – alongside real-time video surveillance that can be synced to the motion sensor as well. These sensors can even act as triggers for cameras to begin recording – which will ensure you have the exact footage that can be used to identify the suspected package thief. Online shopping doesn’t have to be this stressful. 60% of convicted burglars have admitted that in the presence of a home security system they chose another house to burglarize. This can easily be related to package thieves, as many will be deterred from swiping one’s porch if surveillance is visible and recording.